Give a Helping Hand for Children

Let us reach out to the children. Let us do whatever we can to support their fight to rise above their pain and suffering.” Nelson Mandela

Food Donate

The children and elderly persons are neglected in our society. Contribute something to sustain them.

Medical Care

The elderly need access to medical services throught the nearby hospitals

Child Education

A few dollars donated to the cause can help a child attend a school in Uganda

Our main goal is to help The Children and Elderly!


We’ve funded many vulnerable children and elderly persons in our community

Native has a mission to provide love, care and hope to less privileged with education to children in Masaka who were affected by AIDS, in this leading to many families to be orphans with no food, no education, no home, no hope, no love.

We cater for over 30 children and 15 elders, the children are 3-15 years and the elders are from 70-100 years. We hope to share the basic needs with children to have good education.



Recent Causes

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Child neglect, domestic violence, school dropouts, childe sexual abuse, early childhood marriages, child vulnerability and child labour are some of the focus areas for Native Vulnerable Children as a non-governmental organisation.


Child Neglect

The COVID-19 lockdown exposed children to more sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect.


Domestic Violence

Children are an often-overlooked population due to their lower mortality rates.


School Drop Outs

School dropout cases were due to the limited children’s access to basic needs such as food, health care, among others.

30 +

Vulnerable Children


Elderly Adults


Youth Skilled


Youth Skilling Centre

Become a Volunteer To Save People's Life

Native Vulnerable Children Masaka is seeing out for people with a heart of service to join their team as volunteers to serve the vulnerable children and the elderly. 

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone